Taxi Meter

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Alberen/Aquila M12 Mirror Meter
Mirror Meter

The M12 fits over your vehicle's rear view mirror.

Aquila Alberen Printer
Mirror Meter Printer

CR-01 Receipt Printer Advanced printing capabilities for the M12 Mirror Taximeter.

Aquila Receipt Printer
Aquila Mini Printer for T2 /T-Tiny
  • Flexible receipt designs including calculation of distances, journey times, fares etc.
  • Several different receipts possible which can be chosen at print time.
  • Advanced printing capabilities for the T2 and T-Tiny taximeters.

Aquila T Tiny
T Tiny Meter
  • Compact but Powerful
  • The T-Tiny includes many of the features of the T2
  • Details Of Last Hiring
  • The T-Tiny allows you to recall the fare, extras and distance information from the previous journey.
Aquila T2
T2 Meter
  • Illuminated controls
  • The T2's four buttons are backlit to ease night use.
  • Calendar Controlled or Manual Tariffs
  • The T2 has extensive tariff capabilities and may be programmed by your dealer to handle any combination of time, distance and fares.
Deinstall and Reinstall Taxi Meters Service

We can  remove your Taxi System

Should it be a Taxi Meter or Two-Way Radio 

Data System ,Roof Sign and Fire Extinguisher 

We do a package price for everything including

Removing from old car and Installing into new one 

Digitax F1 PlusTaximeter
  • Electronic taximeter  printer capable
  • Smart tariffs automatically managed by the time, date, distance and fare amount
  • Self-powered clock/calendar



Digitax F3 Taximeter
  • Low cost electronic taximeter integrated with a thermal printer,
  • 32 fully independent and smart tariffs automatically managed by the time, date, distance and fare amount:
  • self-powered clock/calendar independent extra,s 
Digitax Printer TRE
Digitax Printer
  • High printing speed: 30 – 35 mm/sec
  • Load Logos into printer memory (average logo size 3 Kb each).
  • Easy paper change (Autoload)
Hale Microtax-06
The taximeter all-rounder
  • Microtax®-06 is setting new standards in functionality, technology and design.
  • The taximeter all-rounder is characterized by a stylish design, illuminated keys and various functions
  • The perfect taximeter for single proprietors and taxi fleets.
  • Now with...
Viking 5M Mirror Meter
Viking 5M