Digitax F3 Taximeter

  • Low cost electronic taximeter integrated with a thermal printer,
  • 32 fully independent and smart tariffs automatically managed by the time, date, distance and fare amount:
  • self-powered clock/calendar independent extra,s 

The Digitax F3  Taximeter has several communication channels that make possible the communication with the external world.

Two independent RS232 serial ports at baud rate from 300 to 115200 and a 4 wire synchro channel plus a special printer driver, allow the interfacing to several devices at the same time.

The Commtax 2 included protocol allows remote managing of all the taximeter, magnetic Credit Card reader , chip card and printer functions.

The link to a dispatch system or another mobile terminal is accomplished on the RS232 port at any baud rate from 300 to 115200 using a frame structure N, 8, 1: signal level +/- 12 V, using the protocol COMMTAX 2 described in this document.

Dimension (WxHxD mm) 18,5 x 6,2 x 2,5
Weight Gr. 350 ca.
Displays Fare counter:
- 6 Digits Red High-Luminosity Led
Extra counter:
- 5 Digits Red High-Luminosity Led
Tariff counter:
- 1 Digit tariff index
Illuminated Front Text
Power Supply From 8,5 to 16 Volts
Temperature From -15 to 70 °C.
Relative Humidity 95%
Mechanical Strenght 3 g
Distance Unit From 10 cm. to 6553 meters
Step 10 cm.
Waiting Time Unit From 0,1 sec. to 6553
Step 0,1 sec.
Totalizator Mode Dataflash 1Mb
- 45 + 45 Statistic Memory
- 12 x 45 Monthly Statistic
- 50 x 45 Statistics for each Driver
Tariff Structure 63 Smart and fully indipendent Tariffs
+8 Night Tariffs
+8 Holiday Tariffs
+4 Autofare Tariffs
+4 Autidistance Tariffs
Tariff Choice Manual
Automatic at pre-programmed:
- Distance(s)
- Time(s)
- Date(s)
- Fare(s)
- Amount(s)
Tariff Program Change Manual by Key
Via Radio
By Programmer
By Chip Card
By Infrared Programmer
Peripheral Connections - Printer
- Magnetic Card Reader
- Chip Card Reader/Writer
- Infrared Passenger Sensor
- Mobile Data Terminal
- Modem
- Cellular Phone
Communications Ports - Internal COM1 and COM2 RS232 +/- 12 Volts STD
- 4 Input/Output TTL level
Communications Protocols GMSI
Telecom It. (Upgradable)
Operative Firmware Upgradable firmware on Flash
Transducer Mechanical Hall Effect or Internal adapter for electronic speedometer up to 100.000 l/km
Power Outputs 1 Roof Light 25 Watts
4 Programmable power outputs 5 Watts
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