Caltta PH600 Handportable
Caltta PH660
Caltta PH690 Handportable
PH690 Handportable
HYT TC-320 PMR446
Lightweight PMR446 licence free hand portable
  • Compact
  • Superb Tough  build quality
  • Ideal  for Small School / Hotel
PMR446 licence free hand portable
  • Superb Sound Quality 
  • 24 Month Warranty 
  • Compact and Robust 
HYT TC-610
Rugged hand portable two way radio
  • Dustproff &  Waterproof IP66 
  • Innovative Industrial Design 
  • Powerful Radio 
HYT TC-620
Hand Portable Two Way Radio
  • Professional 2 Way Radio
  • Durable and Reliable 
  • Voice Operated Transmit (Vox)
High Tier Hand Portable Two Way Radio
  • Lone Worker 
  • Sleek Design 
  • High Quality Audio 
HYT TM600/610
UHF/VHF mobile two way radio
  • 8 channels,Channel Scan
  • 4 programmable keys
  • Built-in Scrambler
Hytera MD655
lightest digital mobile radio on the market
  • Digital voice call with Text message function
  • Advanced encryption
  • Multi-Site Roaming
Hytera MD785/785G
Digital mobile two way radio
  • Digital voice call and Digital text message function
  • Multi-Site Roaming
  • One touch call and text messages
Hytera PD365
UHF 3W pocket size design digital migration radio
  • Pocket-size design and easy to carry - more compact through creative antenna design
  • Voice communication includes private, group and all call
  • Supports messaging with up to 64 characters


Hytera PD365LF
Pocket-sized Offering both analogue and digital 446
  • Dual Mode Operation
  • Pre Programmed Messages 
  • Unique Phone Style Design  
Hytera PD405
UHF/VHF Digital Migration Radio
  • Analogue and Digital Mixed Channel 
  • Rugged And Reliable
  • Private ,Group and All Call