HYT TC-610

Rugged hand portable two way radio
  • Dustproff &  Waterproof IP66 
  • Innovative Industrial Design 
  • Powerful Radio 
  • By simple pressing one button, users can switch to low power when communicating within limited range coverage or switch to high power when further distance is required. High transmit power optimizes range coverage while low transmit power conserves battery consumption, all at the user’s control.
  • The feature enables flexibility and easy migration of channel spacing requirements when the need arises, with no need to buy new radios.
  • Allows users to monitor the activity on the current channel. The feature is especially helpful for receiving a weak signal.
  • The Battery Save feature is automatically activated once no activity on the channel and no operation performed, for extended operation time.
  • recharge the battery should the battery level run low.
  • A channel already in use is not available to other users.
  • The feature allows for more efficient use of channels by limiting the amount of time of each transmission.
  • You are able to customize the features of each radio for each user.
  • Easily copy the features of one radio to another.
  • Set up workgroups/users with unique CDCSS/CTCSS to prevent unwanted conversations on the same frequency.
  • Helps minimize interference from undesired weak signals and helps weak signals be heard.
  • The channel scan feature enables the radio to continuously scan each channel in the scan list for activity. Simply press a side function button to activate scanning. When activity is detected on a channel the scan process will stop and you will hear the transmission.
  • Voice Operated Transmit (VOX)
  • Enjoy the convenience of hands-free operation when used with optional accessories.
Frequency Range
136-174 MHz 400-420 MHz
440-470MHz   450-470MHz 
350-390 MHz
Channel Capacity
Channel Spacing
25 /12.5 KHz
Operating Voltage
Standard Battery
1200 mAh (Li-ion)
Battery Life (5-5-90 Duty Cycle)
1200mAh Li-Ion battery (Standard)
1300mAh Ni-MH battery (optional)
2000mAh Li-Ion battery (optional)

More than 9 hours
More than 9 hours
More than 14 hours
Frequency Stability
Operating Temperature
Antenna Impedance
Dimensions (H×W×D) (with battery, without antenna)
Weight (with antenna & battery)
270 g
RF Power Output
5W/2W(VHF) 5W/2W(UHF)
Spurious and Harmonics
-36dBm(<1GHz) -30dBm>(1GHz)
FM Noise
Audio Distortion
≤5 %
0.25/0.28 μV
Spurious Response Rejection
Rated Audio Power Output
Rated Audio Distortion


Applicable Military Standards

Applicable MIL-STD 810C Methods   Procedures 810D Methods   Procedures 810E Methods   Procedures 810F Methods   Procedures
Low Pressure 500.1      1 500.2      1,2 500.3      1,2 500.4      1
High Temperature 501.1     1,2 501.2      1,2 501.3      1,2 501.4     1,2
Low Temperature 502.1      1 502.2     1,2 502.3      1,2 502.4      1,2
Temp. Shock 503.1      1 503.2      1 503.3      1 503.4      1
Solar Radiation 505.1      1 505.2      1 505.3      1 505.4     1,2
Rain 506.1      2 506.2      2 506.3      1,2 506.4      1,2
Humidity 507.1      2 507.2      2,3 507.3      2,3 507.4      1
Salt Fog 509.1      1 <span style=”color: rgb(105,105,105
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