Hytera PD415
UHF/VHF Digital Patrol Radio
  • Rugged & Reliable Migration Radio
  • RFID  Patrol System Capable
  • Small Sleek & Light
Hytera PD505
UHF/VHF Light and Durable Digital Migration Radio
  •  DMR Tier II Digital Encryption
  • Excellent Voice Quality 
  • Built for the Toughest Environments 


Hytera PD505LF
PMR446 Licence Free Digital Migration Radio
  • Clear Communications in Noisy Areas
  • 40% Longer battery life
  • Secure communication 
Hytera PD565
UHF/VHF Digital Migration Radio display/part /keypad
  • Lone Worker 
  • Secure Communications
  • Pre Programmed Texts


Hytera PD605
Feature Rich Digital Migration Radio
  • Metal Frame Design 
  • Waterproof  IP67 rating
  • High Tier Radio  
Hytera PD665
UHF/VHF feature rich Digital Migration Radio, display and part keypad
  • Rugged, reliable and submersible - MIL810-C/D/E/F/G and IP67 rating
  • Pseudo Trunk - This virtual trunking feature allocates a free timeslot for urgent communications
  • Small, Sleek, Light - 122 X 54 X 27mm, 310g




Hytera PD685
Feature Rich Digital Migration Radio with display and full keypad
  • Feature Rich Digital Radio
  • Lone Worker Man Down
  • 1024 Channel Capacity 



Hytera PD705
UHF/VHF Digital Hand Portable Two Way Radio
  • Outstanding Performance in Harsh Environments
  • Advanced Encryption 
  • Vibrate Alert 
Hytera PD705LT
UHF/VHF Low Tier Digital Hand Portable Two Way Radio
  • Super Tough 
  • Waterproff IP67
  • Ideal for Industrial Communications
Hytera PD715 EX
ATEX Approved Digital Hand Portable Two Way Radio
  • Super Tough 
  • IP67 EX Submersible
  • Lone Worker - Man Down 
Hytera PD785
Digital hand portable two way radio with display and full keypad
  • Full Keypad with Display 
  • Private , Group & All Call
  • Multi Site Roaming 
Hytera PD795EX
ATEX Approved Digital Hand PortableTwo Way Radio
  • IIC Intrinsically Safe 
  • Extremely Rugged and Robust 
  • Easy to use Keypad & Menu System 


Hytera RD625
UHF/VHF compact and light indoor repeater
  • Multi-Sites via IP
  • Analogue/Digital Operating Modes
  • All-In-One Compact Design
Hytera RD985
UHF/VHF digital repeater
  • Up to 16 channels
  • Supports two simultaneous voice paths in digital mode (Pseudo-trunk)
  • IP site connect (digital mode only)